Nouvelle EmMerique

I Have No Idea Either

Sometimes I find my self prettier without any make up #BdaySelfie #June28th
Real Love Is Infite … 
#Inked4Life #Love #CuteDonut #Marked4Life #AGuyNamedJordan #ILoveJesus (at Moston)
@tosinhairtherapy  did my hair, check out her instagram!!! I LOVE MY HAIR 😍😍😍 (at Manchester)
" I make writing as much as a part of my life as I do eating or listening to music " - Maya Angelou

#MCM 😍😍😍 There is a God, there defo is a GOD @ishablaaker NEDERLANDERS ZIJN MOOI 😍 MI GADDO!!! (at My Bedroom)

My head was in the clouds #GottaLovePlanes #Flying #Traveling #TouristLife #IDontHaveOneHome #NomadeLife 😂 (at Somewhere between the UK & Belgium)
Happy Mothers Day To My Queen, The Woman I Owe EVERYTHING 
I Love you Mommy (Stem Vlaams Parlement Groen #12 😉) (at Manchester city centre)
Congo na biso eh !! #TeamRDC #Team243 #CongolaiseEtFiere (at Slavery Museum Liverpool)
La vie est un cadeau precieux de Dieu, pensez-y !! #AntoineDeSTExupery #HappyMood
While some ppl are all dressed up and heading to Church to celebrate the death & resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ im at the station waiting for the train 😒 #HappyEaster  (at Gare de Bruxelles-Midi / Station Brussel-Zuid)
La Famille 😍
With Mommy & Sissy 💋 (at Théâtre Saint-Michel)
Sister SISTER 😙 (at Théâtre Saint-Michel)
T E D I K A 💋 (at Théâtre Saint-Michel)